El Cuerpo: The (Performing) Body and the Photographic Stage

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  • Camargo_All_That_I _Can_Carry, Untitled 2, 2022
  • Camargo_On Becoming a Cholo_ Cholo Actor or Brown, #1 & #2, 2022
  • Garcia,_A Mother’s Touch, 2024
  • Garcia_Roughhousing, 2023
  • Garcia_What Lies Within, 2019
  • Arlene Mejorado_At the Reseda Theatre, 2023
  • Arlene Mejorado_ Handling A Mothers Archive, #1, 2023
  • Arlene Mejorado_ Handling A Mothers-Archive, #02, 2023
  • Arlene Mejorado_I Remember Drawing on-My Fathers Back With a Ballpoint Pen, 2023
  • Arlene Mejorado_ Sitting at the Median of Sherman Way #1, 2023
  • montana_los_angeles_river_dreaming
  • montana_louisanstardestroyed
  • montana_star_in_the_los_angeles_river_tunnels
  • reclamando-las-greñas
  • JValenzuela_I go on and on_2
  • JValenzuela_ I go on and on_1
  • JValenzuela_MaranoBeachClub2
  • Velascoo_Krystal-Silver-Haired Witch_A Woman’s Face_2022
  • Velasco_ToTheBestOfMyRecollection_2009
  • Velasco_MyAuntMarge1_2016
  • Velasco_MeshesofanAfternoon_2023

El Cuerpo: The (Performing) Body and the Photographic Stage

Gallery Luisotti is very pleased to present El Cuerpo: The (Performing) Body and the Photographic Stage, a group show curated by artist Christina Fernandez, opening on July 13, 2024. Fernandez selected works by seven conceptual photographers based in the Los Angeles area, whose performative actions are intended to be seen in the form of the still image. The artists are William Camargo, James Francisco Garcia, Arlene Mejorado, Star Montana, Aydinaneth Ortiz, Juan Manuel Valenzuela, and Christopher Anthony Velasco.

Living and working in Southern California, these young Chicano/a artists have formed a community of peers and are supported by each other artistically, professionally, and socially. Their work is informed by a shared Latinx history and lineage that includes ASCO’s “No Movies”, work by Laura Aguilar, as well as photographs by Fernandez herself, all of whom devised performative gestures for the camera.

El Cuerpo: The (Performing) Body and the Photographic Stage features work in which the artist is both the maker and the subject. Each artist constructs situations that are performed in front of the camera, and in doing so demonstrates an awareness of conditions of self-presentation. This includes considering oneself within the built environment or surrounding landscape—and, more specifically, in relation to Los Angeles as a place and its complex conditions as a backdrop.

The featured works range in content from presentations of the body through portraits and self-portraits, to depictions of mundane middle-class experiences, to politicized interactions with gendered settings and situations. Personal rituals, intimate sexual imagery, and intricate family experiences are all part of the artists’ performative acts for the camera. The results are excavations of individual identities contextualized through experiences of the city and its suburbs and underpinned by conceptual approaches to image making rather than by social documentary or narrative photography.