Mt. St. Helens, 1981-90

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  • View of Mount St. Helens from the vicinity of Spud Mountain, 1982
  • Young Trees_Killed by Heat
  • Looking Southeast Across Lahar
  • Valley of Clearwater Creek, Salvage and Replanting Completed, Dead Trees Left Standing to Provide Wildlife Habitat, 10 Miles NE of Mount St. Helens, Washington 1, 1983
  • 1. Visitors on Rim_10 Minutes Later
  • Tree stump battered by mudflow, on Lahar (mudflow area), 6 miles SE of Mt. St. Helens, Wash., 1983
  • Aerial View of Mt. St. Helens, Crater and Lava Dome, 1982
  • Rockfall Inside Mount St Helens Crater
  • Confluence_triptych
  • Charred Stumps after Timber Salvage
  • Aerial View – Clearcuts and logging roads outside impact area- approx. 20 miles W. of Mt. St. Helens, Wash., 1982
  • Blowdown_Hoffstadt Creek_tritych
  • Aerial View – Fir and hardwood forest outside of blast zone, vicinity of Mt. St. Helens, Wash., 1981