MM8317_Under London

Simon Norfolk, Stratographs, Lewis Glacier, Mt. Kenya

Climate change and the melting of the Lewis Glacier on Mount Kenya.
The flame line shows the Lewis Glacier’s location in 1963, the year I was born. A long finger of ice extended over the ridge and down into the gully. The glacier has since receded about 275m. At that time, the small hut – a basic climber’s refuge – on the left called Top Hut or Firmin Hut existed. The larger hut with the lights on is Austrian Hut (where I lived) which wasn’t built until 1972, by the Österreichischer Alpenverein (the Austrian Alpine Club). The hut to the right is the modern toilet block. The facilities now all belong to the Kenya Wildlife Service.
The spire in the picture is Thomson’s Flake and the rounded peak is Point Thomson. To the right is Point Lenana.