MACK Book Release + Discussion: ’12Hz’

Ron Jude


Gallery Luisotti is excited to announce the release of Ron Jude’s book 12Hz, published through MACK Books. 12Hz, the lowest frequency audible to the human ear, gives thought to thresholds, and in particular, thresholds of human perceptibility in the face of nature. Not only are there no people in this body of work, but the photographs seem to be after a humbling method of production that relinquishes the human gaze to its threshold, and offers up the rest of its content and composition to the complexities of the earth. 12Hz engages in a conversation with nature that attempts to listen rather than talk –a conversation deeply pertinent right now.


Bellow, watch a wonderful talk Ron gave about this work and his current art practice.


 View the just released MACK 12Hz Here


View more of 12Hz Here