Catherine Wagner | News

November 2017

Frankenstein showcard


We are delighted to announce that Cathrine Wagner will have her first exhibition in Beijing China which will be a collaboration with Qiu Jingwei.

“This exhibition is the result of long-term exchanges between the two artists who interpret the modern “Frankenstein” from different perspectives. By focusing on the theme of the novel “Frankenstein,” we offer a different perspective on contemporary “progressing sciences” and “unknown discoveries” to reconsider the adventurous spirit of mankind. Use work and dialogue to turn unicorn space into a metaphorical place.
In the opening of the exhibition, the curator used a letter addressed to Frankenstein to describe the pluralistic era in which we live and to interpret how two artists of different age backgrounds observe the modern world from their perspective This 200 years of history, change and development.
The artist Catherine Wagner interprets the novel as a reflection on Frankenstein; using multidimensional thinking about the history of science with two-dimensional photographic works, archive test records and exhibitions. As for the potential impact on the future world and its portrayal, Qiu Jingwei, an artist living in San Francisco, uses images of brain activity observed under the FMRI to discuss the world under the influence of technology in an increasingly perceived way of being replaced . A series of neon texts were extracted and extracted by the two artists from the text in the novel, aiming to decompose and reconstruct the contextual field.”

The exhibition will be open now until December 31st at The Unicorn Centre for Art in Beijing.

For more information check out the website here