Ursula Schulz-Dornburg

Fishmongers Lake Sevan, 2008, Armenia

When I passed this place in 1996

where these fishmongers on their “Motorbikes Sidecars” have been waiting for the fishing boats,

or tried to sell fish out of their sidecars, where in the thirties FANCY  ladies with big hats had been sitting ….I had to stop–

I just loved that place and these fishmongers.

And all these years, visiting Armenia and passing this place, I never got enough of looking and listening to their discussions

of their sales and how fish had been growing bigger and bigger –as long as the outstretched arms could be

When I passed this place 2008, I just had to stop and took my camera, afraid, that they might not be there next time with these

Motorbikes or “Ural” how it has been called once.

-Ursula Schulz-Dornburg


Armenian Fishmongers, R3-B44-N14, 2010




Armenian Fishmongers, R2-B30-N15, 2010




Armenian Fishmongers, R3-B06-N17, 2010




Armenian Fishmongers, R3-B44-N057, 2010




Armenian Fishmongers, R3-B44-N14, 2010

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