ON VIEW | Lewis Baltz at Le BAL

Lewis Baltz, Mission Viejo, 1968

Lewis Baltz, Mission Viejo, 1968

Gallery Luisotti is pleased to share with you the enthusiastic response to Le BAL’s exhibition Lewis Baltz: Common Objects, which just opened on May 23rd and occupies the entirety of the organization’s space in Paris. Friends of the gallery who have seen the show have unanimously remarked on the excellence with which Diane Dufour and her team have presented Lewis’ work in a new light. The show navigates a previously critically overlooked thread in Lewis’ oeuvre, namely, his affinity for the filmic and cinematic. Regarding his formative years Lewis once stated, “High culture for us was the cinema. We never missed any film by Hitchcock or Antonioni or Godard.” The ways in which Lewis’ practice is informed by and responds to these filmmakers are numerous and compelling from strategies of cropping and omission to collage-like visual layering. There is an optical congruency between a sequence of Lewis’ photographs and any given film strip of the aforementioned directors’ films.

Lewis Baltz, Ronde de Nuit, 1991-'92, 12-element installation at Le BAL

Lewis Baltz, Ronde de Nuit, 1991-’92, 12-element installation at Le BAL

If you find yourself in Paris this summer, we at the gallery encourage you to visit Le BAL. Lewis Baltz: Common Objects runs through August 24, 2014. You may find more information about the exhibition at Le BAL’s website.