Simon Norfolk

Shroud at AIUIa Art Festival in Saudi Arabia

Images from Simon Norfolk’s Shroud series (made in collaboration with Klaus Thymann) are on spectacular display at AIUIa Arts Festival in Saudi Arabia.

AlUla has collaborated with Cortona On The Move, the acclaimed Italian festival of documentary photography, to curate a special site-responsive experience. Showing until 31 March 2022, this visual journey unfolds along the walls and in the courtyards of the AlJadidah village of AlUla. “Time, Life and Longing” are the three main aspects represented in the exhibition, with Shroud featuring in the TIME segment – Time being the main protagonist linked to mankind’s relationship with nature.

Norfolk’s Shroud photographs depict efforts to enshroud and save part of the Rhône Glacier in Switzerland. Known as a tourist attraction, and featuring a man-made ice grotto, the glacier has been covered in blankets to forestall further melting.