Nature Man-Made

Schirmer/Mosel, 2012

Simone Nieweg’s latest book is a compilation of nearly every variety of agricultural cultivation, rang ing from small market gardens with vegetable beds and fruit trees to pastures, fallow land, forest fringes, arable land, and fields of grain. Without exception, Nieweg photographs her subjects in a soft, almost shadowless light that does not obscure the fine structure of her images. Her long exposure times require an absolutely breezeless day in order to capture images of plants and landscapes in hitherto unseen clarity and richness of detail. Nieweg’s photographs tell of the unconventional marriage, which nature and civilization have entered upon in
the course of their long evolution, and everything in them gives the impression of being known and familiar through many encounters. The present work is a selection of photographs taken by Simone Nieweg over the last ten years. The introduction was written by Heinz Liesbrock.