Reconsidering the New Industrial Parks

Sternberg Press, 2011

Using the work of Lewis Baltz, a leading photographer of the 1975 New Topographics movement, as a jumping-off point, this book documents Mario Pfeifer’s multi-faceted work, Reconsidering The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974. Pfeifer went on the road to track down the buildings photographed by Baltz and their history, and also sought out where the portfolios of photographs can today be found. Included is a film installation, consisting of two synchronized, looped, and parallel projected films, that takes as its point of departure the first monograph of Baltz’s work, published by Castelli Graphics, New York in 1975. Includes film stills, production stills, an excellent interview with Baltz by Pfeifer, and a critical essay by noted contemporary art historian, Vanessa Joan Muller, essay by Chris Balaschak with introductions by Martin Hochleitner and Julia Moritz.